Book Review: Night Sins by Tami Hoag

Night Sins takes place in Deer Lake, Minnesota. Megan O’Malley has just been promoted to field agent for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). During her career, O’Malley had to fight against sexism from her male counterparts. The Deer Lake police force and male citizens slighted O’Malley from the moment she arrived.

Chief Mitch Holt was willing to give Megan a chance, plus he couldn’t help but be physically attracted to her. During the male female competency competition at the station, a boy named Josh was kidnapped from the local ice rink.

The case has become high profile and a matter of life and death. The kidnapper drops creepy, yet cryptic clues that no one can figure out. In the middle of this chaos, Chief Holt and O’Malley fall into bed. If word gets out about their affair, O’Malley’s career is over. In a sexist career like law enforcement, O’Malley’s respect and creditability can be thrown out the window because she’s a woman. Is it fair? Of course not, but that what the male dominated world of Deer Lake is like.

Night Sins is an excellent book. All the main and supporting characters are well developed. Hoag’s writing flushes out the characters to a point that you can’t help, but become emotionally involved with them. The sexually scenes with Holt and O’Malley gets a reader’s blood flowing. The plot is engaging, interesting, and disturbing. After all, no one can help but become emotionally involved when a child gets kidnapped whether it is fiction or non-fiction. However, the book’s characters drive the plot more than the plot drives them, which does make for a better book.

There are only two drawbacks to Night Sins. One, the book is a little too long. Most novels are 350 to 400 pages at the most. Night Sins is 540 pages long. Some readers like reading a regular 300 page novel and move on to another one. Two, Night Sins is a two parter. That’s right. You’re not going to get all the answers at the end of this 540 page book. Readers will have to read Guilty Sins by Tami Hoag to get a conclusion.

When I figured this out I was not happy. If a story doesn’t end in one book, I want to know up front before I get invested in it. What can I say? I just hate that kind of surprise. My first reaction was, “I’ve been duped. This was my first Tami Hoag read and it will be my last.” After I calmed down, I realized that it wasn’t a total lost.

Night Sins is a great book that will take any independent woman on an emotional ride. Judging from Night Sins, reading Guilty As Sin might not be a waste of time. Plus, Tami Hoag proves that she can tell a story in a unique way. I’m not mad at her anymore about the two part business.

Bottom Line, Night Sins is a fantastic book despite the fact that it is too long and readers will have to read Guilty As Sin to get a complete conclusion. Women who are single and have an independent nature will especially enjoy this read.


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