Dancing in the Dark Book Review by Mary Jane Clark

Dancing in the Dark is about a small beach community that serves as a peaceful retreat to tourist. Evil has hit Ocean Grove in the form of a kidnapper who grabs teenage girls.

KEY News reporter, Diane Mayfield, travels with her two kids and her sister to get the scoop on the kidnappings. The first girl taken was released, but no one believed her because of past mental problems.

However, Diane and the Ocean Grove community learns differently when another girl is kidnapped.

The storyline is good, but the flushing out of the plot falls short because it is hard for readers to connect with the characters. When readers can’t connect with the characters, it is hard to keep their interests.

On the plus side, Mary Jane Clark’s writing is good and to the point, which makes for a quick read. The hard copy book’s font and spacing is easy on the eyes.

Dancing in the Dark doesn’t make a lasting impression, but it is an awesome quick read while catching a tan in Nags Head.

Mary Jane worked at CBS News for thirty years. Her first few books were inspired from her work experience. Clark graduated from the University of Rhode Island with two degrees.


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