Stephen King’s The Stand Goes Hollywood

Warner Bros. and CBS Films partner in make The Stand on the big screen. CBS had the film rights for years, but they needed a partner for a project of this size. The book is over 1,000 pages long; there is no way they can make this a two-hour movie. It is obvious that a trilogy is in the works.

The Stand is about several people who survived the super flu, a killer virus that exterminates 99% of the human population. Thinking their troubles are behind them, they move on with their lives only to find out that they are in a battle between good and evil.

In 1994, ABC aired the mini-series, which fans appreciated. However, the violence and other sci-fi creepiness were watered down to make it appropriate for TV. With the mentality of anything goes, Hollywood can make The Stand the biggest horror/sci-fi movie of the decade. Lets hope they don’t mess it up. Good luck, guys.


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Stephen King’s The Stand: The Motion Picture


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